June 2016

This year Mitchell Evans celebrated 25 years in business.  The general feeling was that surviving 3 recessions over that time was quite an achievement and deserved a major celebration!

A dinner dance was held at the Guildford Harbour Hotel, with 130 people in attendance.  The weather was kind and the welcome drinks were served outside on the terrace, where the partners and other staff were able to greet friends and clients.

Following the meal, each of the partners gave a speech.  Yes – THREE speeches!  Eventually – the band were allowed to strike up and the dancing began.  Considered to be too loud by some (younger!) people, the volume was turned down and the dance floor was well used for the evening.

The clock struck midnight and it was time for all to make their weary way home, hopefully with new friends and acquaintances, some having danced the night away, some having drunk the night away but all, we hope, having had a most enjoyable evening.